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Tug The Table

[Total: 59    Average: 4/5]

Tug The Table is a very interesting and popular online flash game of the gaming industry. With very simple gameplay, but with amazing graphics that perfectly conveys all the bright colors of the game. The creators did their best and put a lot of interest in the meaning of the game. Tug The Table is a multiplayer game that gives you a chance not only to play against a virtual opponent, but also to have fun with your friends. You have a great chance to test who is stronger and more agile. The main goal is very simple, we are talking about two sketchy people who are engaged in very “smart” thing – dragging the table. You are in the middle of a large colored room one half of which is “orange,” while the other is “blue”, one is yours and the other your opponent`s. So, your characters hold the table very hardly and as soon as the bell rings, the game starts-each of you has to pull the table to appropriate side. Grasp the table firmly and pull it hard, so that you would have a chance to drag your opponent to your side of the playing field. For each successful “drag” on your side you will be rewarded with a precious star. Not to let you get bored, players have possibility to add diversity to rounds by changing the appearance of men and tables. Characters change sizes of body parts: in one level they have hyper-long legs, in another unusually big heads. With each passing, the game becomes more complicated, the room starts to move or even inverts. The table can be tiny or, vice versa-gigantic. Sometimes the table is replaced by a bar, sometimes balls are added to it, and it can be even turned upside down. The physics of the process is implemented at the highest level. Each player will develop his personal game tactics. The further you go the harder it gets to become successful, the more interesting is the game itself. By the way, rounds are recorded, and you can then see how exactly your battle took place to analyze it. Tug The Table also has the single player mode, you play against device, but in reality this game is only for two gamblers. That way it gains completely different sense, and becomes really funny thing with which time flies by. The game is simple, just like everything brilliant. Have a good time.

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